24 bottles 16oz Ayurvedic Pure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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SBM Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a Cosmetic Oil The SBM Extra Virgin Coconut oil is an absolutely reliable and endorsable cosmetic product. It has the following positive effects: Hair Care: As a hair tonic, the regular application of SBM Extra Virgin Coconut Oil may helps prevent hair fall, fights dandruff and stimulates hair growth. Skin Care: As a body massage oil, may helps to nourishes and moisturizes the skin, preventing dryness, scaling and flaking of skin. It removes wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. Regular application helps in the regeneration of skin cells and prevents excessive exfoliation. Body Care: Being rich in Vitamin A, D, E and K, the oil helps as a natural tonic for skin and body. Its antioxidant qualities slow down the ageing process of body. Baby Care: SBM Virgin Coconut Oil is a natural baby oil that nourishes and moisturizes the gentle baby skin. It is an excellent remedy for diaper rash. Being non sticky and easily absorbed by body, it keeps the baby skin soft and supple, throughout the day. Regular application of SBM Virgin Coconut Oil protects the babies from various infections. As opposed to other international baby oil brands, which are developed from petroleum distillate, artificially colored and perfumed, SBM Extra Virgin Coconut oil is prepared naturally and is totally safe for babies. SBM Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a Cooking Oil SBM Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent cooking oil, enhancing the flavor and taste of various recipes and cuisines. The oil has Zero Cholesterol which makes it easily metabolized by the human body into energy. There is no loss of nutritional and medicinal value of the oil while heating, owing to its high smoke point. The oil is rich in dietary fiber, calcium, and iron and low in carbohydrates. Therefore, cooking or baking with SBM Extra Virgin Coconut oil can assist in reducing the blood pressure.
16 oz each 100% PURE and NATURAL
can be used as a hair tonic
can be used as a body massage oil
can be used as Body Care
can be used as Baby Care