Brown Sugar Fast organic extra virgin coconut oil 425g (460ml) X2 pieces [unbleached-free purification]

$92.38 (as of August 15, 2018, 6:41 pm)


Product Name: organic extract To Virgin coconut oil Contents: 425g (460ml) Ingredients: organic coconut opening before expiration date: 2 years Country of origin: diameter 85mmX height 110mm trans fat-free cholesterol-free unbleached-free purified lauric acid: Thailand size wealth in the United States and Europe of the grocery store is a staple of oil as confectionery and cooking oil. Prevent oxidation by immediately bottle packed in the same day, which was cold-pressed, we observe the fresh quality. It is a healthy oil that is suitable for high-temperature cooking, even in the vegetable oils and fats. Recommended for high-temperature cooking of up to 190 Ž. It is also ideal as an oil for the confectionery and food. Please use as a substitute for butter. (Reference: olive oil 160 Ž or less, sesame oil 130 Ž or less) Is your inquiry … gene recombination of September 2014? ¨ we are certified organic because, gene recombination of coconut are not used at all.