Coco Treasure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – for Cooking, Baking, Oil Pulling, Skin, Hair and Pets – 16 fl oz (1 Pack)

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Coco Treasure® Organic Extra Virgin MCT Coconut Oil is one of nature’s treasures and is a pure gift from Mother Nature. Our coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts grown in the rich mountain soils of the Philippine Islands and hand-picked at the peak of their quality for the highest level of MCT’s.

It is perfect for use in:

✓ cooking – The MCT or MCFA (medium-chain fatty acids) in coconut oil burn off more easily than long-chain fatty acids found in other saturated fats.

✓ baking – Substitute butter with Coco TreasureTM coconut oil in all your favorite recipes. It also provides a dairy-free option for vegans and others looking to reduce animal products in their diet and yet provides the highest source of lauric acid. .

✓ as a dietary supplement – Our coconut oil is classified as a super-food with several health benefits. When used as a daily supplement, many people believe it can aid digestion, increase healthy cholesterol, help with weight loss, improve athletic performance, and increase overall wellness. Try our oil straight from the jar, or add it to your favorite smoothie or add it to your morning coffee to bulletproof your day.

✓ or as part of your natural bath and body care

The Coco Treasure® Difference. Our product is a precious treasure to end. Traditional Philippine coconut farmers spent generations maintaining a connection to the land they love. Being USDA Organic, our coconuts are grown without pesticides or other chemicals. Furthermore, they are ethically sourced and harvested only by hand. We use a proprietary Absolutely No Heat (ANH) process that begins with a sterile cold press extraction. This specialized extra effort maintains the flavor, aroma and natural benefits of every product we make. All this care results in a superior product that’s our pleasure to make and your treasure to discover.

Live free, love long, laugh loud, Treasure Life!

COCO TREASURE COCONUT OIL is ethically and sustainably sourced from the Philippines and uses a proprietary process called ANH, Absolutely No Heat, and is Cold Pressed, which creates a premium product that preserves all the MCT’s, flavor, aroma & nutrition nature provides.
BEST SUBSTITUTE FOR BUTTER OR OLIVE OIL: Coconut oil is best as a butter or olive oil substitute for cooking and baking, or even in smoothies or with popcorn, to raise your good HDL cholesterol levels to promote a healthy heart.
PURE AND NATURAL: Pure organic coconut oil adds nutrition and healthy fats to your diet, without the chemicals, additives, and pesticides in conventional oils. USDA Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. 100% pure!
SOOTHE YOUR SKIN: Coconut oil is a natural solution for moisturizing your dry hair, skin, and nails. Use as a lip balm. Helps with eczema, psoriasis, and stretch marks. Gently removes makeup.
BOOST YOUR PET’S HEALTH: Natural, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties help your pet’s hair and skin stay healthy. Feed your pet a little coconut oil to build their immune system, improve digestion, and reduce allergic reactions.