Extra virgin coconut oil 100% life of drop three sets

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[Big mother of affection, breast milk ingredients “lauric acid”] to the drop of life, the content of lauric acid, which are also included in the breast milk have been included abundant in 48.2%. In one of the lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acids, there is a work that strongly the cell to increase the immunity. Baby just born is ingested the lauric acid in the form of breast milk, and grow healthily. [How to Use] usage is vary by condition and intended use, the first one to two months to suit yourself, using the present two to three, then is one to one month basic. Rule of thumb teaspoons two to three cups of about intake of daily ?how drink?. Drink in larger amount is no problem to the body, but there are cases where the stomach is loose. As care of your skin daily ?how to paint?, dry areas of concern, wrinkles will fill, such as in areas of concern. It is also effective to apply to the portion of such pain and stomatitis.
Life of the drop has been extracted by the normal
Only the coconut, which is harvested in the best
Contents: 1: 100cc X3 this