Hands organic JAS certified organic extra virgin coconut oil 200ml

$20.77 (as of August 15, 2018, 6:37 pm)


= * Material and manufacturing methods to * = Hands organic extra virgin coconut oil, I am using a high-quality King coconut was caught in Sri Lanka Ceylon with the longest history of coconut in the world. No additives that were nurtured in the organic JAS and farm-friendly environment that has been certified to the organic world, we have to extract the coconut oil-free purification without breaking the nutrients by the cold breath from organic coconut pesticide-free (cold pressed method) . = * Medium-chain fatty acid rich coconut oil * = medium chain fatty acids contained in coconut, compared to the medium chain fatty acids contained in the common oil
* When you newly released campaign * collectively
[1] In the organic JAS certification, and safety
[2] No refining, unbleached, additive-free, pesti
[3] by cold press (cold pressed method), it does
[4] Since the trans-fatty acid is “0”, body-frien