Healthy Origins Liquid Coconut Oil, 20 Ounce

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For many generations, coconut oil has been a dietary staple in African, Asian and Polynesian cultures for its fatty acid content, great taste and abundancy. Healthy Origins Liquid Coconut Oil is a premium, high MCT coconut oil which remains in a liquid state at room temperature. Our Liquid Coconut Oil is ideal for cooking use, diets requiring high medium chain triglyceride consumption and for topical use on the skin due to its rapid absorption. All of our coconut oil products are made without the use of pesticides, refining, bleaching, hydrogenation or hexane.
One of Nature’s Healthiest Cooking Oils
Contains 93% Medium Chain Triglycerides
Made from Fresh, Young Coconuts
Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
BPA/BPS Free Container