Island’s Miracle Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 ounce

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Coconut Oil Before They Buy

Only The Highest Grade Premium Pure 100% Natural Organic Raw Unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Offers All Of The Amazing Benefits Below

– Can Help You Lose Weight By Increasing Your Metabolism!
-Gives You An Immediate Boost Of Energy!
-Can Help Improve Liver Function & Boost Your Immune System!
-Coconut Oil For Hair Helps You Have Shiny Vibrant Hair & Smooth Soft Skin!
-Use As A Replacement For Butter & Oil In Cooking, Frying, & Baking!

Feel Great About What You Are Feeding Your Family!

Feel great about yourself and your choices when cooking and eating all of the great meals you really enjoy. Now – when you fry, grill, baste, and prepare your foods, you will know that you are making a great healthy meal for yourself or your family and it will taste better than ever.

When Choosing A Coconut Oil You Want To Pick Only The Best Premium Product

– Islands Miracle Is Certified Organic & 100% Natural
-Picked Fresh At The Peak Of The Season
-Hand Selected For It’s Wonderful Coconut Flavor & Enticing Aroma
-Certified Chemical & Solvent Free
-Non-Hydrogenated & Non-GMO
-Organic | Vegan | Whole Food
-Of The Highest Grade & Extracted From The First Cold Pressing
-Trans-Fatty Acid Free & High In Medium Chain Triglycerides
-Bottled PBA-Free Plastic Because Cheap Plastic Emits Toxins

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – No Questions Asked!

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AMAZING SILKY SMOOTH FEEL AND WONDERFUL VERY LIGHT AROMA COCONUT OIL – The Absolute Best Light Coconut Flavor You Will Find Anywhere! Only the absolute best coconuts are used for our highest quality coconut oils available on the market.
SMOOTH SOFT SKIN AND FULL BEAUTIFUL SHINY HAIR – Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Is An Incredible Soothing natural Moisturizing Serum For Your Skin and Hair & A 100% Natural Anti-Wrinkle Cream. It’s the Best all natural Hair Conditioner As It Softens Strengthens & Helps You to Have Full Shiny And Vibrant Hair!
CAN HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT – Daily Use Of This Best Organic Coconut Oil Can Help You Lose Weight By Increasing Your Metabolism & Give You An Immediate Boost Of Energy Stimulating The Entire Body! It Can Also Help Improve Liver Function, And Helps Fight Off Viruses And Bacteria!
GREAT FOR COOKING AND FRYING – Coconut Oil Is Great To Replace High Fat Butter & Trans-Fat (Bad For You) Oils For Cooking, Frying, & Baking! It’s a great way to get The Highly Sought After Multi Chain Triglycerides MCT’s That Are Linked To Many Health Benefits!
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We Focus On Producing ONLY The Highest Quality 100% Pure Premium Raw Organic Cold Pressed extra Virgin Coconut Oil – WE’RE NOT ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST – JUST THE BEST! If You Don’t Absolutely LOVE This Coconut Oil, We Will Give You 100% Of Your Money Back…No Questions Asked!