Jackson’s Honest Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips Made With Coconut Oil, 5 Ounce

$8.00 (as of October 16, 2018, 10:42 am)


The goal at Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips is to bring the potato chip back to its humble and simple roots by using the finest organic potatoes available and kettle frying them by hand using organic coconut oil. Why Coconut Oil?For starters it is nature’s most unique cooking oil: highly stable, full of “good” medium chain tryglycerides, and nature’s most potent source of lauric acid. In our family, we’ve used organic coconut oil as an essential part of a diet that helped stabilize our son Jackson’s illness; it’s become a staple in our own kitchen ever since and it’s why these chips are named after our son, Jackson. But we also use it because it gives our chips the best flavor and crunch. Industrially processed polyunsaturated vegetable oils just don’t cut it anymore: try a chip cooked the way they were meant to be, in coconut oil. It will change your potato chip expectations forever. Made exclusively with organic potatoes and organic coconut oil and naturally gluten-free. We hope you will enjoy Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips as much as we enjoy making them. From our kitchen to yours: honest in every way.
Made with organic coconut oil
Kettle cooked in Colorado
Organic ingredients
Non-GMO project verified