Kokoweru extra virgin coconut oil (expeller) 360g (400ml) X2 pieces

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Extra virgin coconut oil which employs the latest low-temperature expeller method! Expeller (Expeller) that of the press and. How dried by squeezing from removing the moisture is called expeller. Dried take fresh flesh warm air of 40 Ž or less from the ground to without the addition of heat, and then cold pressed moisture from the removed until less than 0.1%. Without the addition of heat with the latest low-temperature expeller method from the raw coconut flesh, edible oil was carefully extracted while maintaining the importance of the enzyme that is included in the coconut. Because it can shorten the time that oil and water contact, does not easily deteriorate quality will be stable oil. The sweet smell of slightly fragrant coconut features. All get the organic certification using the coconut of pesticide-free. Organic JAS, USDA Organic, has acquired ECOCERT. Medium-chain fatty acids contains about 65 percent metabolism is likely to be early energy medium-chain fatty acid about 65%. Of which lauric acid is 48.5%. Less likely to be neutral fat, it does not include at all cholesterol and trans fatty acids. When the paint to toast in butter instead, you can enjoy a sweet aroma and full-bodied coconut. You can also be asked as it is served with a spoon.
Ingredients: coconut oil
Contents: 360g (400ml) X2 pieces (glass container
Country of origin: Philippines
How to save: direct sunlight, please save heat an
Notes on use: it can cause the water or foreign m