La Tourangelle, Organic Refined Coconut Oil, 128 Fluid Ounce

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La Tourangelle Organic Refined Coconut Oil is simply coconut. Our oil is expeller-pressed (hexane-free) from pure organic coconuts and gently refined to obtain an exceptional coconut oil with neutral flavor and high temperature functionality. Refined Coconut Oil is a perfect substitute for shortening to sauté, bake, or stir-fry. Our Organic Refined Coconut Oil is a healthy moisturizer for skin and hair, great for protecting and beautifying.
Our Organic Refined Coconut Oil was specifically created to be a great coconut oil with a neutral flavor and scent. This makes it incredibly versatile for cooking in general, giving you the MCT content of coconut oil without the flavor. Where our Organic Refined Coconut Oil really shines is in DIY skincare and haircare. It serves as a great moisturizer, conditioner, and scrub.
La Tourangelle Organic Refined Coconut Oil is a wonderful hexane-free oil that contains dietary nutrients such as MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) and lauric acid, skipping the trans-fat. Use it as your primary cooking and body care oil and benefit from its nutrients and antioxidants.
Ripe organic coconuts (12 months old) are picked and shelled before being dried and expeller-pressed (green pairing is not removed). The organic crude coconut oil is then physically refined (an organically certified process – technically a deodorization process using steam) to remove impurities, flavor and odor. The result is a clean and crisp coconut oil with a similar fatty acid composition to virgin coconut oil but more versatile with its neutral flavor.
Luxurious Homemade Body Scrub: 1 cup La Tourangelle Refined Coconut Oil, 2 cups Kosher Salt
Melt the coconut oil by placing it in a bath of boiling hot water. Pour the salt and coconut oil into a bowl and stir until completely incorporated. You may mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oil and/or food coloring.





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