Nutria Organic Coconut Oil 1000mg Weight Loss Supplement, 60 Veg Softgels

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It Just Arrived-The Dietary Supplement That Presents the Multiple Health Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil!

Finding the right products that can provide real, tangible results is hard nowadays.

There is so much competition and so many false health claims on various dietary supplements that make the process frustrating.

Here at NUTRIA we don’t promise extravagant results.

We just present to you the organic coconut oil included in our softgels, so you can do your own research before you try them!

Let Us Introduce To You Some Of The Superb Organic Coconut Oil Supplements Along With Their Benefits Below:

•Includes MCT’s that can help you lose weight by increasing energy expenditure and burning more fat!
•Includes Lauric Acid that can BOOST immune health when used routinely!
•In addition, it effectively binds hair proteins, prevents hair breakage and promotes hair growth!
•Includes fatty acids that reduce your appetite and may positively affect the weight of your body after a long-term use!

Coconut is an essential food for many populations.

With our unmatched supplement, Coconut Oil consumption is no more something exotic and you can enjoy the benefits, too!

Upgrade your health starting from today using only one dietary supplement.

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PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS-thanks to the high percentage of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCTs). MCTs increase the energy expenditure and help promote weight loss with our coconut oil supplements.
HAIR PROTECTION-Coconut oil can be an extra treat for hair loss because it helps and protects the roots of hair strands. This way hair breakage is prevented and you lose less hair. Our coconut oil supplements will also help you maintain healthy hair.
IMMUNE HEALTH-Includes Lauric Acid that can help a boost to immune health. This is a product that will effectively promote a healthy lifestyle and you should start consuming today!
MADE IN THE USA-This organic coconut oil is produced under certified facilities and has been extensively tested to fulfill all the needed requirements. No milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, preservatives, yeast, fish, sweeteners, artificial flavors, sugar, starch or other harmful ingredients have been used during its production. Non-GMO and absolutely safe and healthy. Consume with confidence!
EXCELLENT QUALITY-Made with a unique combination of unrivaled ingredients that are widely known for their health and skin benefits. The main ingredient of our unique formulation is Organic Virgin Coconut Oil that is Kosher certified and you can be sure about its superb quality.