Organic Coconut Oil 16.91 oz Extra Virgin Unrefined Cold Pressed for Cooking, Hair and Skin Lotion

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TREAT YOUR BODY TO THIS SUPERIOR SUPERFOOD Many wonder how something as seemingly mundane as coconut oil could open your eyes to an exotic world of taste and wonder. But we in Coconut Country believe we have found the key to unlocking the tropical traditions of coconut oil to satisfy the culinary, health, and beauty needs of foodies like you. By sourcing fresh organic virgin coconuts, and capturing their creamy essence of the right cold pressed coconut oil for maximal nutrients to create a true panacea. REJUVENATE THE WORLD BY CHOOSING ECO-FRIENDLY Not only does CCL’s gold label coconut oil participate in the non-GMO project, CCL packages in a dedicated coconut only facility so there is no chance for contamination of allergens so it truly soy-, peanut-, GMO-, wheat-, gluten-, and nut-free. And being certified USDA organic and Beyond Organic means you get the best organic products you deserve with absolutely no additives or unnecessary processing. COLD-PRESSED TO GET YOU THE FULLEST USE The creamy goodness of this heavenly, almost magical, elixir, satisfies practically ANY need. Just listen to these customers: “WOW, this is really great coconut oil. It’s so creamy! The ones at the store seem watered down compared to this.” “My pain level went down from an 8 or 9 to a 3 or 4!” “I have used your coconut oil now for two months and have enjoyed everything…Thank you for creating a wonderfully yummy product.” “I tried the taste test and the threw the big box coconut oil straight in the trash!” As part of your purchase today our complimentary e-book COCONUT OIL SECRETS OF HEALTH AND BEAUTY to give you a jumpstart on benefits that will last a lifetime with our customer satisfaction guarantee. But don’t delay. Stock is limited and has sold out before. So pick up an extra one or two as our customers are finding new uses every day. Just click the yellow BUY BOX above for the quantities you desire to get started finally achieving your highest health goals.
ISLAND FRESH: CCL’s USDA organic raw organic extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil in glass jar gives you not only the benefits of coconuts at the peak of ripeness. It also locks in maximum taste and nutrients, pesticide, hexane, and gluten free
HIGHER MCTs KEEP YOU SLIM: This gold label coconut oil contains a higher ratio of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) for healthy weight management and weight loss, optimizing good cholesterol and blood sugar levels, so your heart loves you back during exercise routines while the benefits of a keto diet help you meet your health goals as you impress your dentist with clean teeth and naturally fresh breath from detoxifying oil pulls
BRING OUT YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY: from a conditioning hair mask and body moisturizer and lip balm, to a face cleaning treatment for blemishes. Use as a cuticle oil makes nails grow 3x faster and stronger and NO-GUILT makeup remover that also works as a natural deodorant, delicious lavender body scrub or butter, or massage with essential oils. Even relieves itching and rashes in pets while leaving a shiny coat for dogs and cats as an organic pet food supplement or all-natural topical treatment
NOW YOU’RE COOKIN! With its THICK CREAMY TASTE AND PLEASANT AROMA cold processed at the perfect temperature, you need not worry about the watered down moldy nightmare of coconut oil gone rancid. With a high melting point, coconut, as a natural cooking oil, for sauteeing as an oil spray or for stir fries and baking, TREAT YOURSELF to delicious desserts like paleo friendly or ketogenic dark chocolate fat bombs, healthy protein bars, or bulletproof organic coffee, green tea, or cocoa
ANCIENT SECRETS REVEALED and DELIVERED! Unlock the mysteries of coconut oil with our complimentary e-book: COCONUT OIL SECRETS OF HEALTHY AND BEAUTY, as you see its amazing transformative power in your own life, from oil pulls or to remove stretch marks, with help from our expert team, which has its roots in Coconut Country for thousands of years as farmers and ayurvedic healers. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.