Organic extra virgin coconut oil (potion type) X16 bags

$30.01 (as of August 21, 2018, 7:48 pm)


Product introduction “daily tablespoons 2-3 tablespoons eat want!” There are more of coconut oil. So customers of your voice We prepared a size one-time-use and easy to carry to the original. On the go, to coffee, to curry, to the salad. It is convenient to be able to add Choi. Contents, exactly the same as our organic extra virgin coconut oil. The process of agricultural land and production, of course, is packing also organic products that are carried out in an organic JAS certified factory. “Bottle is heavy,” It is also recommended to customers referred to as “I want to more feel free to try.” Notes: (Disclaimer) but please be sure to read this oil is transparent in the 25 Ž or more of the environment, and white solidified if it is less than it. It should be noted that, even after repeated liquefaction and coca, there is no change in quality.
Contents: 80g (5gX16 bags)
Ingredients: organic coconut
Product size (height x depth x width): 100mmX600m