Organic Premium 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Manila Coco [3 x 250 ml=750 ml] CLEAN LABEL NO BLEND: SPORTS ENERGY 1 Raw Mat-1 Extraction-1 Site: MORE NUTRIENT DENSE Native Clean Fresh Flavor Rancid Shield

$38.99 (as of October 16, 2018, 11:03 am)


Manila Coco’s Organic VCO comes from Singular Source – our farm estate, 1 factory site – 1 raw material type – 1 extraction method. Sold directly online at webstores : also avoids extra cost/margins of non-producer or middlemen and ensures no mixing of varying oil grades. Unlike other brands which consolidate from 2 – 3 source countries and various extraction methods (fermentation, expeller, centrifuge), Manila Coco is honestly unadulterated. These cost savings allow us to make our top-quality VCO superior. It contains the optimum amount of beneficial fatty acids, largely medium chain fatty acids (55% lauric acid) and natural vitamin E – tocopherols, which cause resistance to pre-oxidation. It is distinct from artificially stabilized hydrogenated vegetable fats, and animal fats – [both these fats have been medically traced to cause deadly degenerative diseases]. VCO’s medium chain triglycerides (MCT) mimics those of mother’s breast milk that boosts infant immune system and brain development. MCT found their way in professional infant formulas. In adults, it also causes metabolic rate increases (good for weight loss). Inside the body, monolaurin, the monoglyceride derivative of VCO’s lauric acid (C 12) has shown broad-spectrum antiseptic action against bacteria, fungi, and drug-resistant viruses. Our VirginFlo process systems uphold consistent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP as authenticated by TUV/SUD PSB Germany to assure every single time our best quality oil. With other processors, GMP/Haccp may not be mandatory in wet-milled cream raw material or manual extraction due to extra costs. We guarantee our VCO is non-GMO safe, unblended with other types of oil, and certified organic by Ceres of Germany/NOP USDA & EU Regulations 834. Our VCO makes excellent supplement in liquid or solid form (unlike those inadequately potent softgels) or mixed for prepared foods, smoothies or other beverages. And for fun flavor on popcorns, too!
RAW MATERIAL DIFFERENCES MATTER ! Manila Coco VIRGINFLO ™ only uses MORE NUTRIENT DENSE DRY-DESICCATED Solid FEEDSTOCK with its 100% FULL FAT. Whereas competing Centrifuge and Fermentation Processors, throw out its run-off nutrient-rich coconut water as waste to make way for liquid CREAM RAW MATERIAL with ONLY 50% FAT. Low Fat Cream is nutrient-inferior to High Fat Desiccated Material. Desiccation, a costly extra step retains coconut fruit’s light smooth native clean fresh flavor.
Competitor Fermented or Centrifuged VCO can only use low-cost cold-pressed coconut cream with 50% fat; tastes intense, heavy-greasy; oxidizes 6-12 months even when bottled. Manila Coco Cold Expeller Pressed VCO, is not low cost, of Premium Quality with long shelf life (4-5 yrs); complies with Codex Alimentarius Product Identity and organic certified by Ceres of Germany/NOP USDA & EU Regulations 834.
Manila Coco Organic – 100% Pure, Unblended Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) comes through proprietary advanced mechanical expellers, without solvents, GMPs/Haccp certified by TUV/SUD Germany. Our VCO naturally stable, non-GMO safe and uniquely beneficial saturated fatty acids. No toxic trans fatty acids, protects cells from free-radical damage, and free of bad-cholesterol enhancing properties; poly-pouched for Better Clean Fresh Flavor and Better Anti-Rancid Shield !
NOT ALL ORGANIC Oils are VIRGIN ! Altered Oils are NOT Virgin, like Refined, Bleached, Deodorized (RBD) or Distilled, Fractionated Oils – loose all anti-oxidants (Tocopherols, Vitamin E) due to very high heat processing – are properly called “cheap coconut oil”. “Organic” only means no synthetic pesticides/fertilizers or non-GMO. Our VirginFlo No Blend CLEAN LABEL (1 raw material, 1 extraction,1 site) captures the optimum phytonutrients – no fermentation nor centrifuge, but expeller press.
Volcanic Island Eco-Balance – Tropical Philippines, located 11 degrees north of the Equator, is in the heart of the global volcanic fertile land chain known as the “Pacific Ring of Fire” making it just about the most ideal environment for the best coconut commercial variety to flourish, earning the legacy as the best of the best variety in the world. That’s why the Phils. is the world’s largest coconut oil exporter.