PureLifeTropics Organic Virgin Raw Coconut Oil, 2 Piece

$27.98 (as of October 15, 2018, 10:19 am)


PureLifeTropics coconut oil is 100% pure organic, raw, virgin, non-GMO and kosher. Fresh coconuts cold pressed from tree to bottle same day as harvest. Our fresh coconut oil comes from the pulp or meat, within the seed (nut) of a coconut. After the coconut husk is removed, the seed is cut open. Water is removed, then pulp or meat is removed from the shell and pressed for coconut milk which is then separated to give you the fresh oil producing the freshness, viscosity, clarity for the best feel, smell and taste possible. Our coconut oil is produced from an organic/non-GMO coconut farm. The nuts are picked at the right age, de-husked and then grated flesh is cold pressed before bottling. Another difference that sets us apart is that our bottling process uses modern stainless steel machinery providing a complete, sanitary environment. From tree to bottling, our coconut oil is 100% unaltered. This leaves you with 100% organic/non-GMO, virgin, kosher, unrefined, unaltered, raw and cold pressed coconut oil for your health and beauty. Taste the difference. Our pure coconut oil is not blended with any other farm or factory source.
16.9 fluid ounce glass jar 100% recycled packaging perfect as gift
Fresh coconuts bottled same day as harvest
“Raw” so no heat destroys healthy enzymes and packed with mct for weight management
Natural fungus fighter – the properties of coconut oil help fight candida and yeast