Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil 2 Oz Travel Kit

$68.00 (as of August 21, 2018, 6:41 pm) $57.80


We are thrilled to introduce our new Skinny Travel Kit! All of our signature products conveniently packaged with you in mind on the go (carry-on friendly). Our Travel Kit Includes: 2oz Skinny Coconut Oil 2oz Sugar Scrub 2oz Whipped Body Butter – Original 2oz Facial Oil 2oz Peppermint Oil Pulling Oil 3.5oz Coffee Soap Peppermint Lip Balm Eco Friendly Bamboo Spoon Convenient Clear Travel Bag 100% Pure: Other manufacturers take advantage of the FDA rule that allows for up to 20% cheaper, filler oils to be added to coconut oil. Our coconut oil is 100% pure coconut oil and you can literally see the difference. 100% Raw: Unlike other cold-pressed coconut oils that can heat coconut oil up to 120 degrees, we use a unique, patent-pending process called “Nutralock Technology” that keeps the oil under 100 degrees and 100% raw. 100% Virgin: Our coconut oil is processed in the same jungle where the coconuts are wild-harvested so the oil is as virgin as it can possibly be. There is less than 5 hours from when the coconut is picked to when it is processed. Coconut oil can be used as a one-for-one replacement for butter when baking, grilling, or cooking, but our coconut oil is such a high grade that we sell it as a supplement. The best way to use Skinny Coconut Oil is to take it raw and unheated, but some people like it in their coffee, tea, or smoothies.
Set includes 2 oz Skinny Coconut Oil, 2 oz sugar scrub, 2 oz whipped body butter original, 2 oz facial oil, 2 oz peppermint oil pulling oil, 3.5 oz coffee soap, peppermint lip balm
Eco-friendly bamboo spoon and convenient clear travel bag included
Benefits of coconut oil include boosted metabolism, supports thyroid function, supplies energy to insulin-resistant cells, can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and promotes oral health when used in oil pulling