Wilderness Family Naturals Organic Coconut Oil Virgin Unrefined (Cold Pressed), Non-GMO, Raw – 64 FL OZ

$37.45 (as of August 19, 2018, 7:50 pm)


Virgin, unrefined coconut oil has a stronger coconut flavor and aroma and is also used for cooking, sautéing, baking, and body care. It’s ideal as a medium-heat cooking oil. First, coconut meat is grated and dehydrated. This drying process is important to the taste and quality of the oil. Then, the dried coconut is gently pressed at varying degrees of pressure and temperature. No heat or chemicals are used in this process. The amount of heat generated during the processing and the details of the process can vary significantly. This is most likely the reason for the great variations in quality and taste among cold-pressed oils. They can have a toasted coconut taste (the result of high heat used on standard desiccated coconut with very low moisture) or a mild, raw coconut flavor (which results from careful, low-temperature processing) or burnt or rancid flavors (the result of poor drying). Wilderness Family Naturals’ Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil has a pleasant, mild, coconut flavor as a result of our careful, low-temperature processing. Cold-pressing an oil delicately preserves the natural flavor, therefore our cold-pressed coconut oil has the strongest coconut flavor of all our oils. It also has a long shelf life because of its low moisture content.
An unrefined, raw virgin coconut oil with a coconut aroma and flavor
Often used for cooking, sautéing, baking, and body care
Temperatures of this oil never exceed 113°F, (even during processing)
Has a pleasant, mild coconut flavor because of careful, low-temperature processing
Long shelf life because of its low moisture content